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Welcome to the Quest For Excellence web site.

Quest - the act of seeking or pursuing something; a search.

Excellence - brilliance, superiority, distinction, quality.

We chose Quest For Excellence because it defines the commitment required if you desire to reach your potential.

Quest For Excellence Sports is a company with several important roles in the sports community, including:

-  Sports and Event Management - We are available to help run your events, including on site management, computer equipment rental, and event scheduling.  Our owners have been running tournaments for over 20 years each. 

-  Cutomized Team Merchandise - We rep 40+ sports apparel and equipment companies and offer screenprinting and embroidery to customize uniforms, spiritwear and practice apparel.  We also offer sports equipment at affordable costs.

-  Individual Sales - We offer many of the same items we offer in our team sports division to individuals for purchase through this website:  www.q4e.biz

-  Sports Photography - Both owners are sports photographers with several years experience shooting both action shots and team shots.  Contact us to book one of our photographers.

-  Team Fundraising - We offer an option for teams looking to raise money for their team's expenses.  Let us set up a customized website to offer spiritwear for your team's fans.  We will offer gear with your logo and designs, customers order directly from our website, we ship directly to the customer, and then send you a check for sponsorship based on the amount of gear sold by your players.


Our website is part informational and part retail.  Click on the tournament schedule tab to see information on upcoming Quest For Excellence tournaments as well as other tournaments, or click on one of the sports above to see products available for purchase.  


NOTE:  We are constantly updating and loading new products, so check back often.  We rep Mizuno, Mikasa, Molten, Augusta, Rawlings, Spalding, High Five, Rox, Tandem, Park and Sun, Game Gear, and many other sports apparel and equipment companies.  


For team pricing, contact Chuck McCracken at 336-441-5935.


Thanks for visiting our website and may you begin YOUR Quest for Excellence!!!

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